The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People von Stephen R. Covey

How to integrate “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” into your everyday life

I am often asked about my favorite book. Without hesitation, I always present a book that, for me, sets the standard for personal and professional…

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Leadership Coaching: Added value for the whole team

Whether you’ve recently moved into a leadership position or have years of experience, sooner or later you’ll need a sparring partner. In…

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Beyond Seminars: Effective People Development

In a constantly changing world of work, modern and future-oriented people development is of great importance to companies. With the right measures…

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5 underrated team skills that drive phenomenal results

It takes successful teams – not just individual talent and expertise. But what makes these teams that work together successfully and achieve…

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Be resilient – Practical tips for you & your team

Resilience has become an indispensable quality for leaders and effective collaboration. That’s because resilience enables us to overcome…

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How to succeed in health-oriented (self) leadership

In an increasingly hectic and demanding working world, the topic of health-oriented leadership is becoming more and more important. This is because…

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Delegation: How everyone benefits!

Delegation is a central topic in leadership and represents a basic competence of good leaders. Unfortunately, for many leaders, delegating tasks…

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The power of strength-oriented leadership

Let’s take a look back at our school days for a moment: Were you more likely to receive support in the subjects where you got an…

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The top 3 leadership skills for everyone

“Leadership is for bosses and team leaders. As long as that’s not me, I don’t care.” We say: Wrong!    Leadership…

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Productivity paranoia – Is it justified?

In the spring of 2020, the daily work routine of all those who work in offices changed by 180 degrees: Home office was on the agenda and this was…

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5 tips that will bring you closer to your success

They are everywhere: successful athletes, founders, scientists,… and the questions arise: What do these people do differently? Why are they…

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The constant in the face of challenges

What it takes in times of change:   We live in incredibly fast-paced times. Today’s trends can be obsolete tomorrow and new developments…

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Game Changer 21st Century Skills: The truly relevant skills

What specific skills do leaders and employees need today? Managers are supposed to excel in their expertise, be analytical and strong…

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O for Openness, C for Collaboration

How can I promote teamwork & collaboration through openness? You’re probably aware of the fact that open-mindedness is essential in regards to…

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5 core elements of a people-first mindset and how to implement them

Culture, mindset, leadership, team – it’s all about people! Whether we talk about culture, mindset, leadership or teams, the common…

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How to manage complexity

Management Cybernetics: how to handle complexity in organizations How can you solve complex problems without losing the buy-in of your employees?…

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Phygital Collaboration

Phygital Collaboration: the future of teamwork is born

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we never even thought about whether we’d be in the office for the team meeting next Tuesday. Where else would we be?…

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The “impossible is nothing” mindset

Here’s why we all need that “impossible is nothing” mindset “But that won’t work” is probably the most common response we get when…

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Is leadership like cooking? Good question!

Looking for the secret sauce: Can one learn to lead? In 2007 Walt Disney presented its new animation movie Ratatouille, in which a little rat called…

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OKRs: Agile management and goal-setting made easy

The vortex of change Change is happening faster and faster—and it’s been that way even before a bowl of bat soup at the market in Wuhan changed the…

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Global leadership: learn to spot and understand cultural differences

We live in a connected world where global trade, barrier-free communication, and fast travel are considered a given, for instance. Similarly, we…

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erfolg finito

The secret of successful leaders? Make these 5 habits your own

Have you ever wondered what’s the basis of success in leadership and what habits you should adopt? Why do things seem to effortlessly fall into place…

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Bye-bye, pandemic blues! Why now is the time to take charge.

Ciao pandemic blues! Happy New Year, and cheers to everything to come in 2022!  Uhm, what? Can’t really wrap your head around that kind of optimism?…

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Mind the gap

Mind the gap: how to bridge the generation gap at work successfully

What does it mean for leaders to have both newcomers and soon-to-be retirees on the team? Let’s have a look at this very interesting question…

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Host Leadership: 6 roles every host leader needs to fill

Chances are you’ve already heard a lot about the two predominating leadership styles: heroic leadership and servant leadership. Hero leaders are the…

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How to build proactive teams: 5 requirements you need to meet

You’re dreaming of team members who question and challenge existing structures and processes? Who are always trying to come up with even better…

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Look after yourself: Health-oriented Leadership starts with YOU

Everyone seems to be talking about Health-oriented Leadership (HoL) right now. As leaders, we need to take responsibility for our health. Plus, we’re…

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unsplash - angelina kichukova

Self-care isn’t selfish: 5 tips how to live “healthy selfishness” as a leader

We all want to perform at our jobs—and we expect the same of our employees. As leaders, we want to be role models and show our employees how things…

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Shared Leadership

Shared leadership: just a trend or the future of leadership?

The one and only Jeff Bezos. Jack Ma. Christine Lagarde. They all have one thing in common: they are considered people with excellent and…

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Agile Marketing

Why agile marketing organizations are the future

In one of our recent blog posts about agile leadership we stated that “agility always makes sense if the goal is to foster innovation and support new…

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Storm wave surf

Is BANI the new VUCA? Agile work in the 21st century

If you’ve ever dealt with agility, chances are high you stumbled upon the acronym VUCA. VUCA stands for Volatile Uncertain Complex and  Ambiguous…

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Lifelong learning

Agile Learning: lifelong learning made easy

We’ve all heard phrases like “You’re not studying for school, you’re learning for life” when we were young. The usual response is eye-rolling or…

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Ethical leadership

Ethical Leadership: buzzword or mindset? Here’s what you must know!

Social responsibility, ecological awareness, sustainability. These topics are ever-present nowadays. But what exactly do they mean for modern…

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Agile Team

The “agile” hype: what do agile working and leadership actually mean?

The term “agile working” is no longer brand new, but the hype around it is still going strong. Interestingly, the topic doesn’t…

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Radical Candor

6 ways to enable radical candor as a leader

Kim Scott has redefined the concept of candor in her book “Radical Candor – be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity.” Her take on…

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5 Levels of Leadership

5 Levels of Leadership and how to climb the highest level

The new bosses are in the building: we all know what that means! They have come to win all of us over, but that is not always the case. Why? We will…

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5 reasons why purpose is essential to corporate success

Leaders who are engaged in the further development or transformation of their company will quickly realize that the company purpose is the axis…

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Die 6 wichtigsten Skills

6 important skills of a successful leader in the 21st century

At Leaders21, we are intensely interested in what makes good leadership in the new world of work, also known as New Work. After countless hours of…

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How to master Innovation Management – an easy guide to open innovation

Few companies will claim that innovation does not play a role in their business. Many will even take up the topic and never tire of telling how…

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Soziale Isolation

7 leadership measures to avoid social isolation during Covid19

Mobile working has many advantages, both for employees and employers. Work can be better scheduled and there are fewer interruptions, which means…

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