They are everywhere: successful athletes, founders, scientists,… and the questions arise: What do these people do differently? Why are they more successful than others? How can I be as successful? That’s exactly what we’ll answer in this blog post, including 5 tips for your road to success.

Definition: Success


Before we talk about specific tips, we need to define what success is in the first place, and here comes the bad news right away: there is no standard, universally valid definition of success and therefore no recipe for how you can be as successful as someone else. Depending on what you want to achieve and on which path, your personal definition will look different.


In the case of athletes, we as outsiders often define success in terms of victories: For tennis players, it’s their place in the world rankings; for soccer players, it’s the number of goals they score; and for skiers, it’s their race time. Behind this, however, lie countless personal definitions, which can consist of various aspects. For example, a successful skier is not only the fastest to the finish line, but also successful in focusing, using strength and technique correctly, and crossing the finish line flawlessly.


One thing is certain: We are successful when we achieve our individual goals. We often reduce the success of others to material things, such as expensive cars, big houses and so on, and forget how much hard work and which specific personal successes lie behind them. It is therefore all the more important to find your own definition of success and not to compare yourself with others.

5 tips for your success


To ensure that you can celebrate your personal successes, we have summarized 5 tips that will help you achieve your goals!

1. Go the extra mile

The bigger your goals are, the more time and energy you have to invest in achieving them. Be willing to put other aspects of your life on the back burner for a period of time. Maybe you’re putting up with a lot of sleepless nights to work on your idea or missing the family party because of an important investors’ appointment. With the extra mile, you not only run a marathon, but also overcome detours, hurdles and even falls.

2. Lifelong learning

Learning is a lifelong process, because there will never be a moment when one knows and can do everything personally or professionally. For your own success, it is important that you are open to input and feedback, as well as evaluating information and making it useful to you. Use the exchange with others to benefit from their experiences and not to imitate their mistakes. At the same time, it is also important to learn from your own experiences in order not to repeat mistakes and to be able to continue what has been successful.

3. Focus your challenges

To be successful, you must not shy away from your individual challenges. You may face unpleasant, arduous or seemingly unsolvable situations that make you doubt not only your goal, but also yourself. Focus consciously on your challenges, deal with the situation and determine the next steps! In difficult phases that challenge you personally, it is important to exchange ideas with your peers in order to be strengthened on a professional and personal level.

4. Prioritize your health

While you are mastering your challenges, investing extra time and energy, continuously learning and developing, you should not forget your own physical and mental health. Being successful also means giving yourself intentional breaks and recharging your own battery. Whether it’s a day with the family, a weekend at a cabin, or a workout – you need to find the right balance for yourself to get closer to your goals and not ‘burn out’ at the same time.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Successful people are courageous and willing to grow beyond themselves. This means stepping out of the familiar, the safe and the controllable and thereby consciously leaving the comfort zone. The most important and probably most difficult thing is to overcome the fear zone, then to proceed through the learning zone and finally to profit from your personal development in the growth zone. With the new skills and abilities, your comfort zone expands and things that previously caused great uncertainty become a habit.

Are you ready for your personal success?

With our 5 tips you will get closer to your success, but the path to your personal success is not a solo effort. Many people will accompany you in achieving your goals, from family and friends to colleagues or partners, and support you in their own way. We recommend that you take advantage of additional coaching or mentoring to talk about your challenges with a neutral person, to develop solutions and to grow yourself.


We would be happy to accompany you as a coach or mentor on your individual path and support you in achieving your goals!