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Many benefits from one solution:

For your whole team

21st Century Skills development for employees and leaders – with one platform.

Easily scalable

The digital approach enables you to roll out continuous development on a large scale.

Unlimited access

All content on the Leaders21 platform can be accessed around the clock.

Individual learning

Customised learning paths with different content formats – suitable for everyone!

Peer-Learning elements

Exchange, inspiration and learning from each other – even across company boundaries.

Transparent insights

Track learning progress at team level and derive further measures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Executives and employees.

The Leaders21 platform provides individualized learning journeys for everyone, based on 21st Century Skills, tailored to the daily challenges faced by employees and executives.

No, the Leaders21 platform allows everyone in the company to develop individually and as a team. In general, we differentiate between the two learning journeys for executives and employees to provide relevant content based on their roles.

Yes, we would be happy to create a customized consulting or training format for your team. Following the blended learning approach, we can seamlessly integrate specific “traditional” services with the content and features of the digital platform.

Yes, you can get to know our platform completely free of charge for 10 days. Ideally, you bring up to 4 more colleagues on board to make the most of the functions and features. The trial period expires automatically, and you don’t have to worry about anything. You can register here.

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