The 21st Century Skills development platform for your company

Support your leaders and employees in developing 21st Century Skills with a one-stop solution: the 21st Century Skills development platform by Leaders21.

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Your benefits in a nutshell

One platform, countless benefits — for leaders and employees to develop their 21st Century Skills.

Unique like you

Based on a self-assessment, you will receive an individual recommendation as to which skills you should develop further.

Keep it rolling

New content and practice-oriented exercises delivered weekly allow you to smoothly integrate your development into your work life.

One for all

One platform for everyone enables the development of your entire team, not just a selected group of people.


Discover our digital platform for leader and employee development

Learning content

A common knowledge base for leaders and employees

Shared knowledge and a common mindset within the team lay the base for success. With Leaders21, both leaders and employees work on their personal and professional development.

Personalized content for EVERYONE
Everyone in your company can work on their 21st Century Skills—from different perspectives. Wondering how that works? The answer is simple: two perfectly aligned journeys for leaders and employees that support each other.

Turning development into a habit
Sustainable change is based on continuity. That’s why users receive new learning content every week. It requires a total of about 30 minutes, making it easy to integrate into your work life.

Journeys developed by experts
Red-hot content developed by leadership and new work experts. Delivered in easy-to-digest portions to make #lifelonglearning efficient and absolutely essential.

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The method

Experience-based learning for optimal knowledge transfer

Work on developing your skills with the Leaders21 method. Studying alone is not enough. Sustainable knowledge building only takes place when we apply the theory in real life and reflect on our experience.

Discover the theory based on practice-oriented input in text, audio, or video format. We’ve got you covered, no matter your learning type.

Immediately apply what you’ve learned in real-life exercises. Quizzes, mind teasers, or peer activities will keep things varied and exciting.

Consolidate new knowledge by reflecting on what you’ve learned and your experiences, and by drawing your own conclusions.

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Divide your skills in strengths and growth areas

Find your own strengths and growth areas to tap into your full potential by working on your development in a targeted manner.

Kick off your journey with a self-assessment and learn more about your strengths and growth areas.

Personalized content
Based on your assessment, you’ll receive a recommendation as to which of your competences offer the biggest development potential.

Experience personal development
Stay motivated thanks to continuous progress and surpass yourself—celebrating success will make your journey unforgettable!

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Networking, experience exchange & peer learning made easy

Rely on the strength of your team to boost everyone’s development and foster the exchange of experiences. Leaders21 Connect and instructed peer activities turn this into a walk in the park.

Stay connected in hybrid work environments
The Connect algorithm will randomly connect you with your favorite colleagues or team members you might not know well yet. No matter with whom—talking brings people together.

Foster exchange & strengthen the team culture
Talking about your experiences with like-minded people boosts team spirit and collective development. Our collaborative Playground activities and connecting with peers are ideal to achieve this.

Show some appreciation
Leave an appreciative message for your counterpart after every connection. We promise: this will spread happiness and improve the team spirit.

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Making data-based decisions

You’re dreaming of data-based decisions in staff development? Leaders21 makes this dream come true!

Monitor your teams’ learning progress
Always in the know: You’ll see at a glance how actively your leaders and employees are working on their personal development.

Reporting made easy
Track the hours spent on personal development on a daily basis and see how many people actively exchange experiences via Connect.

Recognize strengths and growth areas
The cumulated overview of strengths and growth areas within your organization enables you to take targeted measures for staff development.

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How it works

Your personal journey with Leaders21


Plug & Play: You’ll receive all the necessary information to successfully kick off your journey.


Divide your 21st Century Skills into strengths and growth areas.

Development journey

Choose a competence to start your journey with.

Regular input

Receive new, motivating content on a weekly basis—including reminder emails.

Experience progress

Turn your development journey into an exciting experience by applying what you’ve learned in real life and reflecting on it.

Connect & exchange

Stay in touch with your colleagues and talk about your experiences on a regular basis.

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Blended learning made easy

With Leaders21 you can have it all. Our formats are top on their own — but become tiptop when combining your digital development journey with on-site training and coaching sessions!

The best of both worlds
Create a holistic online & offline experience for personal and professional development by combining different services. It’s all about the perfect mix.

Full-scale success
Design a development experience for your employees and leaders targeted to your organization’s needs and enrich digital learning with expert input, whether via team workshops or in 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

One-stop shop for hybrid learning
Apply what you’ve learned in interactive Playground activities or complementary training sessions—no matter what you choose, Leaders21 turns hybrid learning into a piece of cake.

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