Leadership Podcast by Leaders21 Florian Gschwandtner

Leadership Podcast by Leaders21 (🇩🇪 only)

Inspiring personalities with exciting stories

Our podcast is all about good leadership and the exciting stories that our guests share with you. Florian was looking for inspiring personalities and talked to them about their career, experiences and learnings on the topic of leadership.

What do our guests understand by leadership, what were their biggest leadership challenges and what would they tell their 18-year-old selves to do? Interesting questions that are answered in the podcast.

In the first 10 episodes, we have the pleasure of welcoming great personalities such as Verena Pausder, Sebastian Pollok and André Schürrle on a bi-weekly basis. One thing we can promise: It’s worth listening! The stories inspire, open up new perspectives and provide fresh food for thought.

And since we can always learn something new, we welcome your feedback or suggestions on who we should interview for further episodes. Just send us your suggestions to podcast@leaders21.com

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