Leaders21 Podcast (🇩🇪 only)

Inspiring personalities with exciting stories

Season 3 of our Leaders21 Podcast hosted by Thomas Kleindessner is all about the challenges of the 21st century business world and the skills required to be successful in it – and not only as a leader.

In addition to leadership and top topics such as diversity, sustainability, transformation, digitalization, new work and innovation, the personal stories and experiences of Thomas exciting guests will not be left out.

We remain true to our motto: #NeverStopLearning. Learn from experienced personalities about the skills you need to be successful in the context of the New World of Work. Book tips for the Leaders21 book club included.

And since we’re all always learning, we welcome your feedback or recommendations on who we should interview for future episodes. Just send us your suggestions to podcast@leaders21.com.

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