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Explore new paths in developing your leaders and teams – with Leaders21, your ‘All-in-one’ partner for successful development of 21st Century Skills.

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Unlock the full potential of your leaders.

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Develop high-performing and resilient teams.

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Enhance productivity and foster innovation.

Cutting-edge people development

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Successful development requires a mix of different elements. Formats that only deliver inputs and are quickly forgotten are no longer sufficient. Agile learning, integrated into everyday work and done collaboratively within the team – this is how effective development works in the modern workplace.


Development is an ongoing process of learning, applying, and reflecting.


Not just abstract theory, but real-world examples from everyday business.


Applying what’s learned together as a team makes all the difference.


Specialized consultations with experts offer fresh perspectives and solutions.

Leaders21 Platform

Thriving Teams Through Continuous Skill Development

Leaders21 supports your organisation by:

imparting the important skills of the future.

fostering, motivating, and retaining employees.

promoting an active learning culture within the company.

increasing productivity, creativity, and innovation.

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Leaders21 Method

Personalized Learning Experience Paired with Community Elements

Learning, Applying, and Reflecting – that’s the Leaders21 method. Through short, weekly prompts on the Leaders21 platform, leaders and employees seamlessly integrate their personal and professional development into their work routine.


Peer learning elements, exchange with the Leaders21 community, and physical training and coaching elevate the learning experience to a new level.

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A digital solution.

Discover how you can develop the 21st Century skills of your employees and leaders with ONE digital platform.

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Classic training.

Meet our experienced trainers, coaches, and consultants who accompany your leaders and teams through their challenges.

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Blended learning.

Combine the best of both worlds and leverage the benefits of digital development, enhanced by analog trainings and coachings.

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21st Century Skills

The Basis for Personal and Professional Development

Behind the “21st Century Skill Model” of Leaders21 are 7 competencies and 21 skills that equip you and your team with new knowledge and sought-after abilities. This makes you future-ready for the new challenges of the workplace.

Awareness means that employees consciously perceive what is happening around them. It involves mindfulness, resilience, and self-reflection to react better and continue developing.

Growth Mindset means embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and continuously evolving to unlock one’s full potential. It fosters creativity, innovation, and the courage to overcome challenges.

Collaboration entails effectively working in teams. It’s about nurturing relationships, resolving conflicts, and being open to others’ ideas. This skill promotes outstanding collaboration and shared success.

The power of communication ensures clarity and better understanding. It’s about ensuring that one’s messages resonate with the recipient. With these skills, people can not only persuade but also inspire.

The most important asset of a company is its people. A conscious People Orientation fosters satisfaction, meaningful relationships, and a productive environment. Acting as a team strengthens the company culture and promotes shared successes.

Performance Orientation means being long-term performance-oriented and achieving above-average results without burning out. Skills like prioritization, goal-setting, and digital thinking enhance efficiency and boost goal achievement and innovation.

Agility enables companies to adapt to constant change and remain solution-oriented. This includes quickly adapting to market and customer needs to stay competitive. Skills like change management and customer orientation are crucial.

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Who we are

Leaders21 is Your Expert Partner in Leadership and Personnel Development

We are founders, former executives in startups and corporations, and certified trainers and coaches. To date, we have had the privilege of accompanying over 100 companies from various industries on their journey.

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The best blend of online and offline training

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Conventional solutions

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Content quickly forgotten

Digital learning OR traditional training

Too costly for the entire company

Lack of measurability of learning success