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We are convinced that quality makes the difference – and that leadership must be lived anew in the 21st century. That everyone deserves to learn and benefit from good leaders. And that good leadership means lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Our goal is to make leadership knowledge tangible for EVERYONE. Tailor-made for your company — and soon online for everyone. We support leaders who refuse to stand still and want to keep developing. How? With training, coaching, mentoring, consulting,… and our digital leadership platform, which we are currently developing for you.

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Our approach

For the leaders of today and tomorrow

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Generation Z, digitalization, agility, new work and talent management are just a few of the terms that dominate our professional lives today and that leaders have to deal with on a daily basis.

In our private lives, we are challenged to be leaders outside the workplace as well. We don’t just see leadership in a professional context – the demands on leaders in the 21st century extend into our private lives.

We have worked in corporations, start-ups and later scale-ups. Founded companies ourselves and supported them as investors. We were young team leaders and top managers at the C-level. We come with practical experience.

Our experiences have made one thing clear to us: leadership must be redefined. That doesn’t mean we want to reinvent the wheel. No, we combine the best of all worlds – a combination of traditional and agile leadership.

We rethink leadership to establish a modern leadership culture in organizations and promote the right mindset. We live leadership for the leaders of today and tomorrow!

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We teach from experience

Our Services

We offer our customers an exciting portfolio of practical training and services. Based on our years of experience and our proprietary leadership approach.

Flexibility and situational awareness are essential leadership qualities. That’s why we work with our customers in exactly the same way – flexibly and adapted to their individual requirements. Digital and analog.

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At Leaders21 we are


Leadership is the key to success. We are on fire for it.


We think positively and see many new opportunities in every challenge.


We don't just talk theory, we practice it.


Bullshit bingo is not our thing. We know what we're talking about - and do it with passion.


We aim high - for our customers and for our mission.


Standing still is not an option for us. We always stay in motion and up to date.


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