Your platform for developing 21st Century Skills

Digital transformation, diversity, new work, sustainability, hybrid teams, agility, and many other topics are shaping our work world. Do your employees have the crucial skills and the right mindset to master these challenges?

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21st Century Skills

The basis for personal and professional development

With the Leaders21 „21st Century Skill Modell“ you will discover and develop 7 competencies and 21 skills to equip yourself and your team with new knowledge and skills. Get fit for the future and ready for a constantly changing working environment.

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Discover our 21st Century Skills development platform

Develop and promote the 21st Century Skills of your employees and leaders with the Leaders21 platform — a digital, practice-oriented learning experience that easily integrates into everyday work life.

Individual support for leaders and employees

Continuously delivered input that smoothly integrates into everyday work life empowers platform users to work on their development step by step.

Learning based on your own experience

The exclusive Leaders21 method enables optimal knowledge building in 3 steps: learn new things, apply them in practice, then reflect on what you have experienced.

Exchange & networking made easy

Interactive features connect team members to boost the exchange of experiences within the company, promote team spirit, and foster communication.

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Take your leaders and teams to the next level

Get input from experts and experienced leaders and prepare yourself for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Expand your leadership and collaboration skills in practice-oriented group training sessions.

Everything revolves around you as an individual in this setting. Together, we’ll work on your personal challenges, goals, and skills.

We’ll be focusing on current challenges in your company. As a team, we’ll develop tailor-made solutions and strategies together.

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Service overview

Our services at a glance

21st Century Skills development platform

Boosts individual development and connects you with colleagues.

  • digitally
  • in the long run
  • anytime & anywhere
  • sustainably


Expands leadership & team skills and is in order to meet your company’s needs.

  • practice-oriented
  • focused on relevant topics
  • tailor-made for you
  • on a specific date

Coaching & Mentoring

Supports with personal challenges in a way thanks to sparring partners in a 1-on-1 setting.

  • individual
  • situation-specific
  • solution-oriented
  • goal-oriented


Focuses on solving problems in a manner within your team or organization.

  • agile
  • pragmatic
  • targeted
  • aligned

Blended Learning

Why choose just one of these methods? Combine our digital Leaders21 Platform with complementary on-site formats and personal coaching to enable sustainable development and transformation! Learn more

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