Whether you’ve recently moved into a leadership position or have years of experience, sooner or later you’ll need a sparring partner. In this blog, we’ll share how to find the right coach for you, how coaching differs from mentoring, and, of course, the benefits you’ll reap as a leader.


Leadership Coaching – more than an “expensive” conversation

Coaching is not about paying someone to chat. Rather, it’s about empowering you as a leader so you can realize your full potential and grow.


We live in a dynamic time where leadership skills help determine the success of a company. On the one hand, of course, with strategic decisions, on the other hand, with the influence on the team, the collaboration and the corporate culture.


Accordingly, coaching is not only about your personal career boost. Yes, you grow in coaching, expand your leadership skills and learn new tools. However, this is exactly what pays off not only for yourself, but also for how you lead others, allow for new perspectives, and develop solutions to problems.

Discover how we support both new and experienced leaders.


Coaching oder mentoring?

The fundamental difference between the two methods is the way you are accompanied. It sounds cryptic at first, but it’s easy to explain:


If you are faced with a difficult decision and would like the opinion of an experienced leader, then we talk about mentoring. Your Leaders21 mentor supports you with new perspectives, experiences from similar situations and gives concrete suggestions for solutions with which you can improve your current situation.


Coaching is primarily about supporting you in finding solutions. Your coach accompanies you in this process, asks you the right questions and opens up new perspectives. If the coachee does not wish to have concrete suggestions for solutions, these will be dispensed with.


Our common denominator in both methods is the solution and goal orientation, because often one session is enough to reach your goal.


6 Advantages & Benefits summarized 

Your personal challenge or the goal you want to achieve with the help of coaching or mentoring is always central. Be it the preparation for your first termination interview, a conflict situation in the team or the need to expand your leadership skills. Nevertheless, some advantages and benefits can be summarized, which are generally valid:

    1. Personal development and self-reflection:
      If you are interested in learning more about your own strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations, this is possible through coaching. Accompanied self-reflection not only promotes your personal development, but also a deeper understanding of your own leadership styles.
    2. Increased emotional intelligence:
      Emotional intelligence is seen as one of the key characteristics of successful leaders. Coaching helps improve the ability to self-awareness, empathy and effective interpersonal communication.
    3. Conflict Resolution and Communication:
      As a leader, it is important to understand team dynamics, foster the most harmonious working relationships possible, and have the right communication techniques or conflict resolution strategies on hand just in case. Coaching often involves addressing specific, current situations and developing solutions.
    4. Strategic Decision Making:
      By asking specific questions in traditional coaching, executives are encouraged to consider and evaluate different perspectives and make the best possible decision. An approach that can also be very helpful outside of coaching.
    5. Increase employee retention and motivation:
      It can be a deliberate focus of coaching to strengthen relationships with your team and better support employee development. However, if you focus more on yourself during coaching, this can also have a positive impact on your team.
    6. Stress management and burnout prevention:
      The pressure on leaders can be immense. A coach can help develop stress management strategies to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


    Our approach – your added value

    In 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions we work (mostly online) on the personal development of leaders.


    This means that we support you in defining and achieving your individual goals as well as in developing your leadership skills and your personal leadership style.


    In addition, you will get to know leadership tools and methods and learn how to use them appropriately in dealing with your colleagues and in developing your team.


    Come and see for yourself and get to know our Leaders21 coaches. Make a non-binding appointment to meet your coach in person or contact us and we will support you in your selection. Because one of the most important aspects is that the chemistry is right and you can build a trusting relationship.