21st Century Skill “be self-reflective”

Self-reflection is the ability to consciously perceive, observe and analyze yourself.
Your everyday life, whether professional or private, is characterized by interactions with other people, in your job with your team, and actions of all kinds. These are sometimes simple, sometimes difficult – but they have one thing in common: they always have an impact, both on others and on yourself.

Self-reflection pays off

With self-reflection comes inner growth. If you regularly question yourself and your behavior, you can keep a cool head in conflict situations because you know exactly what drives or triggers you. This makes it easier for you to control and manage your behavior. If you know yourself, you are also able to make decisions that are good for you. You stay authentic, don’t get lost in the constraints of the outside world – and thus live more self-determined and happier. That’s great – but how does it work in practice?

Reflect on your day

Consciously take time to reflect on your day. “What did I do well today?” is sometimes a really hard question to answer. Because be honest! You are most critical of yourself! But also think about what you are grateful for today and what you want to do at the end of the day to make it a good one.

Your 5 Minute Journal

Try to spend five minutes each afternoon or evening reflecting on the day that has already passed, using the 5 Minute Journal. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. You’ll see that one mistake or challenging experience doesn’t negatively impact your entire day.

Here you will find your 5 minute journal


Have fun and success with your daily work!