It sounds like the next buzzword, but for us it is the future of long-term, lasting development: blended learning. Find out why we at Leaders21 believe in combining different formats and how this can play out in everyday work!💡

Why you should rely on blended learning

“Blended learning” translates to nothing more than the mixing of a wide variety of formats. This combination not only creates an individual learning experience and a deeper engagement with the contents, but – much more importantly – the actual transfer into the company as well as into the daily work routine. The components for this can be different settings (offline, online, hybrid) as well as the way the content is prepared (input, exchange, exercises, reflection). In addition, the people with whom the engagement takes place also varies: alone, in 1on1, as a team, with or without direct accompaniment by leaders21.


Through the targeted use of blended learning, classic day-trainings become a valuable tool. They offer the possibility to deal with certain topics more intensively, to ask questions or to reflect together. The use of several methods and formats brings variety and allows further development to become part of everyday work.

How blended learning can be designed

One of the advantages of blended learning is that the formats can be selected according to the needs of the customer, thus enabling individual support. But the question is, of course: What can blended learning look like at Leaders21? This is exactly what we would like to explain here based on examples. 


21st Century Skills Development Platform

Let’s assume that a team or company decides to use our Leaders21 platform. On the platform, leaders and employees can develop their skills independent of time and location. Although the platform aims to accompany individuals in their personal journey, some exercises have to be completed together with colleagues or the team. Most of the time, however, the person deals with the content alone or reflects for him/herself, which is why other formats bring additional benefits here.


Coaching & Mentoring

Experienced, new or future leaders are confronted with certain, very individual challenges that even our 21st Century Skills Development Platform cannot solve directly. Some topics simply require an exchange with external persons, such as our coaches. Although coaching usually takes place online as well, we can actively accompany and support you here.



The training enables a deep-dive, where you can deal with certain topics together and reflect on them. We are not talking about a one-time frontal lecture, which is forgotten two weeks later, but about a mix of input, exercises and exchange. Whether as a team, department or executive level, you have the opportunity to work out the relevant content for your cooperation.



Last but not least, there are of course organizational challenges that we are ready to solve together with you and find the right format for this. A popular format is for example the Growth Summit, where up to 40 key people work on a predefined strategic issue. However, we are also happy to support you in the introduction of tools and methods, such as objectives and key results for agile and effective goal achievement.


Your Blended Learning

The combination of different formats is a real recipe for success when it comes to the further development of individuals, teams and companies. Long-term support is much more effective than a one-time event and enables us to respond to individual needs in an agile way. You would like to exchange ideas?

We look forward to hearing from you! 👇