The Leaders21 Consulting Team supported the marketing teams at Raiffeisenbank International AG (“RBI”) bring their new cross-market strategy to life. How? With the help of an online summit.

The company´s challenge for Leaders21

RBI, which until now has been a very decentralized organization, is at home in over 13 markets, all of which operate very independently. However, this setup means that RBI’s external brand presence is not always and everywhere as consistent as desired. It also means that there are smaller teams in the various markets where certain competencies—especially digital competencies—are sometimes lacking. The first step to solving this challenge? A comprehensive new marketing strategy. The challenge for us? Bringing the new strategy to life together with RBI and ensuring successful, close collaboration across all markets and marketing areas.

The Leaders21-Approach

Over several months, we developed a plan for a large group format (“Summit”) that would bring together participants from all markets. Yet two weeks before the event our plan was crushed by another wave of COVID which severely limited travel options.

Flexible as we are, and have to be, we at Leaders21 created a completely new format within just ten days to enable the international RBI team to work on the new marketing model in a risk-free, location-independent and collaborative way. Our secret formula in this case? Two days, six topic areas, seven different team channels, and some digital whiteboards. In the end, more than 20 RBI marketing employees from 13 markets worked together with six Leaders21 coaches—with such an enthusiasm and positive mindset we couldn’t have imagined. The best thing about it: We even had time for a few fun activities to help colleagues from different markets get to know each other (virtually).

The outcome for RBI

The Online Summit was a great kick-off for a new way of collaboration between RBI’s different markets—and definitely the right first step towards modernization, and towards a digital, data-driven organization.

About Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) considers Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home markets. A total of 13 markets in the region are covered by subsidiary banks. In addition, the group consists of numerous other financial service providers in areas like leasing, asset management, or M&A. To support its business activities, RBI maintains representative offices and service branches in selected locations in Asia and Western Europe.

RBI Headquarter Wien_Online Summit