Welcome to Growth Mindset!

The second of the seven competencies in our 21st Century Skill Model focuses on Mindset, or more precisely Growth Mindset. Especially in a fast-moving and complex world openness, determination and solution orientation are needed – aren’t they?


What we mean by competencies and skills in our 21st Century Skill Model, you can read here.


Gamechanger: Growth Mindset

Imagine you tell your colleagues about an idea and the first reaction is “Unfortunately, that won’t work! True, it doesn’t have to work, but how do your colleagues know that in advance? With a Growth Mindset you avoid exactly this disillusionment and promote the creativity of your colleagues. A simple “Let’s try it out!” or “Tell me more!” can already do wonders here.

The Growth Mindset is reflected in your language, your attitude, your actions and your thinking. For example, you don’t perceive your failure as a mistake, but as an opportunity to learn. Now you ask yourself, how do you turn a failure into something helpful? The inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison, is quoted to have said after countless failed attempts: “I have not failed. I now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb.”

Whether finding solutions or dealing with challenging situations, the right mindset is a true game changer! You show courage, curiosity and open-mindedness, you are creative and solution-oriented, but also determined – if necessary – to push full force against the wind.


What skills do get you closer to your Growth Mindset?

It’s not surprising now that we have defined “be solution-oriented”, “be open-minded” and “be determined” as skills. Nevertheless, we would like to briefly explain the three:

“be solution-oriented”

Some challenges seem hopeless and unsolvable because we don’t know the situation and don’t have a solution ready. The good news is that there is always a solution – often several! A Growth Mindset helps you keep a cool head in such moments, put the facts on the table and develop possible solutions. A little tip on the side: sit down with your colleagues to brainstorm, as multiple perspectives and sets of experiences always add value.

“be open-minded”

As explained in the example above, your Growth Mindset helps you not to immediately dismiss ideas and trends, but to be open to learn more about them. However, it’s not just about how you react, but also about your open-mindedness to share your own ideas and consciously ask for feedback

 “be determined”

At first glance it may seem contradictory, but determination is an important part of the Growth Mindset. This is not about being rigid on your own opinion. Rather, it is about actually implementing your plans, displaying a certain discipline and getting closer to the future you are striving for. 


“Growth Mindset” means a mentality with which you can and want to grow.

Source: Leaders21.com