Strengthen your team and develop a shared growth mindset

How many different team collaboration settings do you know?

Hybrid collaboration, offices in different cities, collaboration between internal and external sales, remote onboarding of new colleagues without ever having seen each other “in real life”,… The list goes on and on and you surely have more examples in your company.

But no matter how teams work together – a common mindset, a sensible distribution of tasks and trusting relationships are important to transform a good team into a high-performance team. And this is exactly where our Team Level Up training comes in.

How to Level Up your team

Team Level Up is about developing together as a team. We start with the status quo and uncover the individual strengths and talents together. Why? Because strength-based task distribution is a key to success. 

However, it is essential to question your habits, beliefs and perceptions and to be open to new perspectives

Are you ready for this as a team?

Let’s move on to other important skills that high-performance teams have: Feedback as the basis for trusting relationships, dealing with conflict, resilience, crisis resilience, and a shared growth mindset.

The next team building? Certainly not!

Team Level Up is not the next team building event. Sure, fun and socializing should not be neglected. But Team Level Up is primarily about concrete results. The participants of this training develop common goals in working together and know what is important to reach the next level together.

Based on the Development Journey developed by the Leaders21 experts, the focus is on the shared experience. Get to know your colleagues and especially yourself and develop together into a high-performance team

Does the training fit my team?

During 2 interactive and intensive days (remote or onsite) you will work on your strengths and on a common mindset. 

Ideally, the participants of the training are already a team or need to form a new team. 

Are you interested in this offer?

Great! Contact us without any obligation.  We will be happy to discuss the details in a personal meeting!

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