Dive into the new way of leadership and collaboration

The New World of Work is on everyone’s lips and new ways of (collaborative) work are assumed by (potential) employees these days. 

The difficulty for companies, however, is that everyone understands something different about New Work.

So what needs to change? The design of the office kitchen, the culture, the technical equipment, the executive floor?

We lift the veil and show ways in which each organization can adopt the best of the New World of Work for itself.

New Work is not about fruit baskets

In a mix of input and workshop we clarify what New Work means in detail, which dimensions have to be considered and how you, your team and your organization can take the first steps. We have briefly summarized our main points for you:

1. New Work – New Mindset

What is behind the term “New Work”? We take a look behind the familiar buzzwords, define core values and address the role of shared purpose, culture and mindset in the new world of (collaborative) work. 

2. Leadership & Collaboration  2.0

Leaders become aware of their role model function and collaboration is actively shaped. What measures need to be taken to create an open and positive culture within teams and in the company as a whole? 

3. People First – Approach 

Shortage of skilled workers, war of talents, new generations – What makes me attractive as an employer? How can I attract and retain employees? Very individual and complex questions that we are happy to work on together.

4. Digital Experience

The boundaries between analog and digital are becoming increasingly blurred. Digitalization no longer takes place in individual channels, but has become a reality of life. How can we as a company use this to our advantage, both internally and externally? 

New Work is a team sport

The path to New Work can only be taken as a team – through shared values, a uniform understanding of how collaboration should be lived, which (technical) requirements must be right, and the right mindset.

Are you looking for the right path in the New World of Work for your organization? We would be happy to navigate you part of the way. 

If you would like to learn more about the “New Work” training, or have specific requests on how you would like to approach the topic, please write to us!

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