FAQ: What are competencies and skills at Leaders21?

In our 21st Century Skill Model you will find 7 competencies with 3 skills each. We would like to briefly explain why we use these two terms and what we mean by them.

Leaders21 Skills

“Skills” can be translated as ability, being able to do something or having somewhat of an expertise in something. Without wanting to start an academic discussion now: Yes, there are of course many different interpretations of the word. What matters to us is that, in the context of Leaders21 discourse, we consider the term “skills” as things that need to be learned and subsequently applied. Accordingly, you will find skills named “be resilient” and “invest in relationships” as well as “think digital” and “communicate” in our 21st Century Skill Model.

Leaders21 Competencies

The serious difference comes into play with “competencies.” We at Leaders21 speak of a competence when a previously acquired skill is fully available to the person in their life in order to be able to draw one’s own conclusions from them or to derive other, new interpretations from them. With a competence, based on skills, all gained knowledge and behaviors can be connected in such a way that individual ideas can arise from it. This means that the variety of inputs, experiences and knowledge from the skills “be self-reflective”, “be mindful” and “be resilient” converge in the corresponding competence AWARENESS.

21st Century Skill Modell

As already mentioned, all 7 competencies and a total of 21 skills can be found in the 21st Century Skill Model we developed. This forms the basis for your personal development – as an employee or leader – and can be found not only on our Mindset & Skill Development Platform, but also in our trainings and coachings.