Do you already have the 21st Century Skills that are necessary to be successful as a leader?

In our online training “21st Century Leadership Skills” you will learn which skills you need to be successful in the current and future world of work. But let’s get one thing straight: 21st Century Skills are not only needed on the job. They will help you in your education as well as in your private life.


What if I’m not yet a leader?

That’s fine! The topic interests you, so why not learn more about it? And what is not can still become – if you want to! Prepare yourself now for future career steps.


You already have a leadership role and have completed some leadership training?

Great, then you already have a basis. But leadership means lifelong learning and staying on the ball. Because the challenges you face as a leader change rapidly and require you to continuously develop your skills.


Still not sure if the training is right for you? 

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and that’s why we offer you our exclusive startup price of € 290,- (instead of € 390,-).


In two exciting sessions of 3 hours each you will learn …

  • the leadership skills you need to be successful in the 21st century. Based on selected topics, we will train them together in the group, so that you can apply them in your everyday life right after the training.
  • get clear about yourself, your own assumptions and your mindset. This self-awareness supports you in dealing positively with your framework and your environment.
  • how to give feedback, also in the form of radical openness and a support to form your employees into a team and to belong to the high performers by means of good delegation.


Ready for the NEXT LEVEL?

Make 2023 YOUR year. Develop your 21st Century Leadership Skills and celebrate success in your private and professional life.


When will the training take place?

Unfortunately there is no new date fixed yet. Fill out the form below and we will inform you as soon as we have fixed the next training!

Language: English

If you would like to attend this training in German, you can register here.

The training takes place with a minimum of 6 participants. 


This online training would be perfect not only for you, but for your entire team? Here you can find more details about it.


Technical details

You will receive a zoom link from us and in exciting breakout sessions with practical exercises in Miro you will get to know the other participants and their challenges.

Invest in your Leadership skills!

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