We admit that we have a lot of favorite books and it was not so easy to determine the TOP 5 for this summer, but we did it! 🎉
Enjoy our must-read book tips! 


Tip No. 1

Perfect for your vacations is “The man who mistook his job for his life” by Naomi Shragai. With a good mix of stories, insights and provocative questions, Shragai gets you to reflect, question and possibly change your perspective on yourself as well as your work life. Mindfulness and personal development are exactly your topics? Then you can’t miss this book! 👉 It is only available in English and you can choose between e-book, audiobook or classic paperback.


Tip No. 2

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” is for us one of the most interesting autobiographies: funny, varied, exciting, touching, serious, political, impressive. She talks not only about her time in the White House, but also about her childhood, personal successes and disappointments, her family, and all the things that have made her the woman she is today. You like honest, straightforward and inspiring stories? Then you’ll devour “Becoming”! 👉 Whether by the pool or lake, in hard copy or as an ebook, the book is available in both German and English.


Tip No. 3

Welcome to the 21st century: New knowledge, new technologies. But still social innovation is hardly used to solve social or societal problems – Why actually? Geoff Mulgan deals with this very question in “Social Innovation – How societies find the power to change”. Based on expert knowledge, it deals not only with the potentials and limits of social innovation, but also with how different sectors could participate in overcoming the current challenges. Sounds exciting, but a bit cryptic? Just read it, it pays off! 👉 The book is available as an e-book and paperback.


Tip No. 4

Want to kick off this fall with more creativity and innovation? All right, to accompany you this summer, we recommend “Creativity, Inc.” by Ed Catmull. As co-founder of Pixar, Catmull provides plenty of insight into the challenges of the film industry and uses examples to explain how creativity and innovation can work. Wondering now if this is relevant to your industry? Absolutely! This book will make you rethink how you, your team, or even the organization handles creativity. 👉 This book is available in the original English version or also the German translation.


Tip No. 5

“How to be an Imperfectionist” by Stephen Guise is a little reminder that nothing and no one is perfect. We love this book because if we’re honest, we do catch ourselves putting pressure on ourselves, feeling the fear of not being good enough,… – and that’s where this book comes in. True to a lyric by John Legend, the motto is “all your perfect imperfections”, so love all your perfect imperfections, and with that, we’ll stop gushing now too! 👉 The English-language book available in a variety of forms.


Of course, we welcome feedback, suggestions, and most importantly, your book review! Feel free to email us at office@leaders21.com or comment on our LinkedIn book tip posting 📚