Leaders21 supported Augmentomy with OKRs to give structure and direction to their multiple tasks. Find out why the OKR workshop was important for the founding team even before the company was founded.

The company’s challenge for  Leaders21

A young team, a great idea: Augmentomy is a project in its early stages. Maximilian Weber, Daniel Wild, and Natalie Schellnegger realized that medical scans are made in 3D but visualized mostly in 2D, meaning there is a huge, untapped potential in this medical field. The team is currently developing its first product while formally founding the company to be able to offer a corresponding software in the future. Augmentomy’s challenge right now is to structure and give direction to their manifold to-dos in order to turn their project into a successful company.

The Leaders21 approach

To best support the Augmentomy team on their way, we decided together to introduce OKRs. The team’s agenda is bursting with to-dos that require prioritization and need to be broken down into achievable steps for the next quarter. Whether it’s founding a company, developing a product, or applying for a patent, the OKR method also leads to greater clarity concerning timings and team responsibilities.

The outcome for the company

In a 4-hour online workshop, we developed the first OKR draft for Q1 2022. After some theoretical input on the method, we kicked off the interactive part of the workshop: The team presented their annual goals, thereby setting the framework for their OKRs. Thanks to targeted communication between the team members, Augmentomy was able to define when which topics needed to be tackled and which of them required preparation, etc. The OKR method not only helps in reaching goals and adjusting them in an agile manner but also improves team communication and leads to more clarity. The outcome: a roadmap for the next quarter, plus a scalable tool that can and will accompany Augmentomy also in the future.

About Augmentomy

Augmentomy develops applications for medical use by combining augmented reality and AI. The company’s vision is to make these products available for surgery preparation, patient talks, and training, thereby offering benefits to both healthcare professionals and patients. Being part of the incubator program aws First Inkubator and the first place in Vol 16 of Austrian start-up supporter Gründungsgarage illustrates the potential that lies in Augmentomy’s idea—and also led to the collaboration with Leaders21.

Team Augmentomy