Welcome to Awareness!

We introduce you to the first of seven competencies in our 21st Century Skill Model. Why exactly do we start with awareness? Whatever you do, your personal awareness plays a crucial role!


What we mean by competencies and skills in our 21st Century Skill Model, you can read here.


It’s all about awareness

“We have to create more awareness”. “You need to be more aware”. Everything and anything revolves around the word awareness, it seems. Awareness plays a central role for us as well, albeit in a slightly different way than in popular usage.  

Even if we are far away from a “must”, we value awareness highly and strongly recommend you to deal intensively with the competence. Why we are convinced of it? Every change starts with you and for that you need awareness: the conscious personal perception, the ability to properly recognize what is or what is not happening.

Whether as a leader, employee or in a private context, with the continuous development of your awareness you are prepared for the many challenges of everyday (work) life.


The skills behind awareness

For us, the key to awareness lies in the skills “be mindful”, “be resilient” and “be self-reflective”. Of course, we do not want to withhold these skills from you and introduce them briefly:

“be mindful”

The world we live and work in is complex and fast-paced. This often creates a sense of stress and chaos. We are confronted with a lot of information and problems, feeling the urge to solve everything at the same time. This is exactly why we need the skill of mindfulness. It provides us with clarity, concentration and calmness in such moments and helps us when dealing with difficult and challenging feelings. 

“be resilient”

Resilience means to be – well – resilient. You can accept challenging situations or moments of stress, remain optimistic and think in a solution-oriented way. In short, being able to cope well with stress, with crises, and with difficult circumstances. This often sounds easier than it actually is, and that’s exactly why it’s very important to us.

 “be self-reflective”

How often do you reflect on your behavior after a discussion and think about how you could do better next time? In self-reflection lies the chance to understand your own effects on the world and to get to know personality patterns better. That means you work on your own personality, your thinking and acting. In the end, this not only impacts yourself but automatically also affects your immediate social environment: colleagues, friends, family, as well as the entire team.


To be “aware” means to be aware of your environment and to react to it in a conscious and controlled way.

Source: Leaders21.com