The most important characteristic of successful leaders is the awareness of oneself, the team and the current situation. This awareness is the basis for being a role model and for all other leadership tasks, such as making decisions or delegating the right topics to the right people.


Leadership Training “Leading from the inside”

Our Leadership Training “Leading from the inside” starts in your personal center. Awareness of yourself, your values, interests, needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Even though hierarchies exist in leadership and are necessary in many cases, collaboration in the new-work context works differently today. As a Leader, you are part of a team, an organization, surrounded by people working together to achieve success. As a Leader, you set the framework and the direction, but the know-how, the problem-solving skills and the innovative power come from within. From the middle – from your team. The goal as a Leader is to recognize potential and to learn the methods to be able to optimally promote and use the knowledge, experience and creativity of high performance teams.

“Leading from the inside” consists of 3 basic modules that build on each other.

  • Module 1: Be a role model
  • Module 2: Develop your team
  • Module 3: Focus on outcome

Each module lasts two days. You can book the modules individually or as a complete package, depending on how experienced your leaders are.

We have the option to offer the training both in person on-site or as an online event. Just as it suits your organization best.

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