Growth Summit – Use the power of your organization

In a time of change, speed is often critical to success due to time and cost constraints. Which is exactly where our successful Growth Summit format comes in.

The Growth Summit is a large group workshop that leverages the knowledge and experience of many people in the organization.

The heart of the matter

The starting point is always a core topic or guiding question that needs to be worked on together. 

Examples of a guiding question

  • How do we have to position our company to be fit for the future?
  • How do we as a team deal with our rapid growth (“growing pains”)?
  • How can we work together even better as a team?
  • Which potentials can we still use on the market?
  • How can we bring our new strategy to life?

How does your organization benefit from a Leaders21 Growth Summit?

The right focus

25 – 40 key people have a unified understanding on the core topic and work focused on a clear goal. 

The know-how of your team

From developing the guiding question to finding solutions, everything is worked out by the employees. The simultaneous involvement of many qualified key players enables a cross-organizational solution finding. Solutions that are found by the team’s own efforts generate a strong commitment and a high level of identification.

Your output

Concrete measures are developed and provided with a clear responsibility and deadline. No excuses afterwards.

Use the head start

Through a Summit, the same efficiency can be achieved on a large scale as when working in small teams over a longer period of time. This format is therefore the most efficient and fastest solution method for complex challenges.

How do we support you?

  • We start with an onboarding phase, where we use interviews and mini-workshops to lay the groundwork for developing the guiding question.   
  • The actual Summit usually takes 1-2 days (depending on the guiding question). During intensive workshops (on-site or online) the participants clarify the current situation, the target picture and develop concrete measures. The Leaders21 team moderates the entire process and provides the necessary motivation. 
  • Don’t worry, we take care of the documentation.
  • Follow-ups with our consultants create the necessary drive to put the measures into practice.

What do our satisfied customers say?

„Leaders21 are true professionals in leadership, mentoring and coaching! At our large internal workshop – the FUTURE FIT Summit – we relied on their skills, the cooperation was top! Together with our employees, we dealt with important topics that are crucial for the future of OBERNDORFER. A very committed, dynamic team that really knows what matters!“

Simone Oberndorfer, CEO Oberndorfer Betonfertigteile

Leaders21 Success Stories

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