Shared Leadership

Shared leadership: just a trend or the future of leadership?

The one and only Jeff Bezos. Jack Ma. Christine Lagarde. They all have one thing in common: they are considered people with excellent and…

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Agile Marketing

Why agile marketing organizations are the future

In one of our recent blog posts about agile leadership we stated that “agility always makes sense if the goal is to foster innovation and support new…

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Storm wave surf

Is BANI the new VUCA? Agile work in the 21st century

If you’ve ever dealt with agility, chances are high you stumbled upon the acronym VUCA. VUCA stands for Volatile Uncertain Complex and  Ambiguous…

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Lifelong learning

Agile Learning: lifelong learning made easy

We’ve all heard phrases like “You’re not studying for school, you’re learning for life” when we were young. The usual response is eye-rolling or…

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Ethical leadership

Ethical Leadership: buzzword or mindset? Here’s what you must know!

Social responsibility, ecological awareness, sustainability. These topics are ever-present nowadays. But what exactly do they mean for modern…

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Agile Team

The “agile” hype: what do agile working and leadership actually mean?

The term "agile working" is no longer brand new, but the hype around it is still going strong. Interestingly, the topic doesn't seem to be polarizing…

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5 reasons why purpose is essential to corporate success

Leaders who are engaged in the further development or transformation of their company will quickly realize that the company purpose is the axis…

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Die 6 wichtigsten Skills

6 important skills of a successful leader in the 21st century

At Leaders21, we are intensely interested in what makes good leadership in the new world of work, also known as New Work. After countless hours of…

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How to master Innovation Management – an easy guide to open innovation

Few companies will claim that innovation does not play a role in their business. Many will even take up the topic and never tire of telling how…

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Soziale Isolation

7 leadership measures to avoid social isolation – the biggest challenge for leadership during Covid19

Mobile working has many advantages, both for employees and employers. Work can be better scheduled and there are fewer interruptions, which means…

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