Game Changer 21st Century Skills: The truly relevant skills

What specific skills do leaders and employees need today? Managers are supposed to excel in their expertise, be analytical and strong…

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How to manage complexity

Management Cybernetics: how to handle complexity in organizations How can you solve complex problems without losing the buy-in of your employees?…

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OKRs: Agile management and goal-setting made easy

The vortex of change Change is happening faster and faster—and it’s been that way even before a bowl of bat soup at the market in Wuhan changed the…

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Global leadership: learn to spot and understand cultural differences

We live in a connected world where global trade, barrier-free communication, and fast travel are considered a given, for instance. Similarly, we…

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Agile Marketing

Why agile marketing organizations are the future

In one of our recent blog posts about agile leadership we stated that “agility always makes sense if the goal is to foster innovation and support new…

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Ethical leadership

Ethical Leadership: buzzword or mindset? Here’s what you must know!

Social responsibility, ecological awareness, sustainability. These topics are ever-present nowadays. But what exactly do they mean for modern…

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Agile Team

The “agile” hype: what do agile working and leadership actually mean?

The term "agile working" is no longer brand new, but the hype around it is still going strong. Interestingly, the topic doesn't seem to be polarizing…

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5 reasons why purpose is essential to corporate success

Leaders who are engaged in the further development or transformation of their company will quickly realize that the company purpose is the axis…

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How to master Innovation Management – an easy guide to open innovation

Few companies will claim that innovation does not play a role in their business. Many will even take up the topic and never tire of telling how…

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