Leaders21 supported Tractive in working with OKRs to address the right topics and bring clarity to challenging goals. But from the beginning: What motivated Tractive to implement OKRs, what approach did the Leaders21 consulting team take, and what was the outcome for the company?

The company’s challenge

Founded in 2012, Tractive grew its team to 130+ employees within just a few years. A dynamic environment, a very high degree of internationalization, and fast growth have led to a high degree of complexity. To not lose sight of the goal, it is vital for the company to focus on the right topics, set priorities, and communicate clearly and transparently.

The Leaders21 approach 

The Leaders21 coaches have been working with the OKR method for years. Its huge advantage when compared to other management methods lies in its simplicity on the one hand, and in its high degree of flexibility on the other hand. Short planning cycles of three months allow organizations to keep their eyes on the most important topics and, at the same time, allow for constant adjustments of strategy and priorities. Even if this method works in many organizations, it still is predestined for companies like Tractive which work with cross-functional or agile teams.

The outcome for the company

The entire Tractive team has enthusiastically taken part and been fully involved in  the change right from the start. The initial training was held in hybrid form with the entire team, and all teams have been involved in the creation of Objectives and Key Results from the beginning.

About Tractive

Tractive is a Tech Scale-up based in Upper Austria and specializes in tracking devices for pets. 150 employees are working on developing its GPS tracker as well as corresponding software applications. Find out more about Tractive on their official Website.

Tractive founders