Sooner or later, every modern leader has to deal with these issues:

  1. Innovation
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. New Work

And this is exactly what we have focused on in our consulting services in order to support you and your team in the best possible way.

We have the capability to offer all training and consulting services both personally on-site and as an online event. Just as it suits your organization best.

Which services can we offer you?

  • Development and implementation of your digital strategy
  • Planning, training and introduction of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Agile transformation and introduction of cross functional teams
  • Leaders21 Summit – Special workshop for the further development of the company or business unit
  • New Work Workshops and Trainings – Effective introduction to the new world of work
  • Teambuilding NEW – #HybridWork #CrossfunctionalWork #Diversity

What is our working approach?

  • We work as a team.
  • We have the essential growth mindset.
  • We “think” digitally and therefore bring in many new impulses.
  • We share our practical experience.
  • We always approach tasks positively – because a positive attitude is part of our DNA.

The best basis for effective leadership consulting is a comprehensive business analysis. We use assessments, employee surveys or 1-on-1s with the management team to examine the status quo in your organization: leadership culture, leadership methods, degree or potential of digitalization, degree of innovation in the company, processes, tools and working methods. You then receive a summary of the results, including an action plan and recommendations for next steps.

You know your exact pain points and have concrete questions for us? No problem, then we will immediately work out a plan together.