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Our leadership approach is a mix of traditional and agile leadership. Traditional leadership, which Peter Drucker or John P. Kotter shaped in the 20th century. Agile leadership, which is a gamechanger that completely challenges and replaces the concept of standardized corporate processes.

Our experience has shown us that neither one nor the other leadership method is “the better one”. We are convinced that both methods have significant benefits, but both also bring risks. Focusing exclusively on one approach doesn’t work.

The solution? We have combined the best of both leadership worlds into a new, unique and promising approach.

    Leadership cannot be standardized. The art lies in responding to each situation individually.
    Traditional approaches still have great value. Applied correctly, traditional approaches serve us well.
    Agile methods are indispensable in times of digitalization and new work. Those who reject them will not be able to keep up with the competition and survive on the market in the long term.

We see leadership as a lifelong development process that repeatedly passes through a wide variety of phases or stages of further development.


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