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Hello there!

You are a passionate UI/UX designer. You love to design digital products that users enjoy and use a lot. You know that design has to work as well as be creative. The color of a button is as important to you as the way to get there. So we say – it’s a match – because that’s exactly who we were looking for.

As a UI/UX designer at Leaders21 you will be able to play to your strengths by:

  • independently developing ideas and turning them into appealing designs and experiences for our digital platform.
  • supporting our cross-functional product team from the idea to the final implementation of features.
  • creating wireframes, developing user interface designs and animations, as well as prototypes.
  • understanding what makes a good and smooth user experience and being knowledgeable about user research.
  • applying and further developing our design system.

What should you bring to the table?

  • Creativity and an affinity for good design characterize you just as much as organized work and independence.
  • The knowledge that a good user interface should not only be beautiful, but also intuitive.
  • You are open, curious, proactive and like to learn.
  • You have several years of professional experience as a UI/UX Designer:in.
  • You know all the tips & tricks of Figma and enjoy working with it.
  • You have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (plus point).
  • Atomic Design means more to you than just designing a ski brand.
  • Your quality standards are high and you don’t settle for the first solution.
  • You may not be a native speaker, but if we spontaneously switch from German to English in meetings (which we actually do), your skills (including written) are so advanced that you are able to remain fully active in the conversation.

Do we have your attention? Cool!

Who is looking for you?

We are Leaders21 and believe that people and organizations often lack the necessary competences, skills and the right mindset to master the challenges of today’s working world. That’s why we take personal development to a new level to shape the future world of work.

Our team is just as ambitious as our vision. And because a good working relationship is not only about what you bring with you, but also about what we offer – that is how we roll:

  • We love what we do, really enjoy working (sounds like a cliché, but it is) and are top motivated.
  • We live an active feedback culture because we are convinced that we can only improve if we constantly challenge and question each other.
  • We are solution-oriented. Precisely because we love feedback and therefore get a lot of it, we try not to think in problems, but in challenges for which there is a solution that simply needs to be found.
  • We are diverse because we value and consciously seek different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.
  • We are a start-up, so all employees are expected to contribute cross-functional ideas to make us even better. 

The Leaders21 conditions

Our Office…

is where we are and yes, home office or mobile office are part of our philosophy. Our headquarters are in Leonding, Upper Austria and we work in a co-working space directly at the Danube Canal in Vienna.


plays a role, of course. However, we are not the Big Four, but fair payment for performance is important to us.

As a UI/UX designer, you will receive a gross annual salary starting at €35,000, depending on your talent, motivation, education and work experience.