Are you ready to take teamwork to a new level?

Our online training “21st Century Team Skills” is all about team, real cooperation and your role as a team player. The mix of inputs, exercises and tips will not only help you at work, but of course enrich any kind of togetherness and team in your private environment.


But I am not a team leader ..

You don’t have to be, because this is not about leadership per se. As part of the team, you are jointly responsible for how well you work together and how you can constantly develop your togetherness. #teamwork


You’ve already been to countless teambuilding events?

Perfect, then we can promise you: We’ll build on your experiences! Our goal is to positively influence your development as a team in the long term and to show you how you can easily achieve this in your everyday work – far away from the adventure climbing parks.


You are still not sure if the training is right for you?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and that’s why we’re offering you our exclusive startup price of € 290 (instead of € 390).


In two exciting sessions of 3 hours each you will learn …

  • how real teams are created and continuously developed to achieve the best possible results: from a common mindset to efficient conflict resolution. We will sweeten the theory with interesting examples and some exercises that you will try out during the training.
  • your role as part of a team better and why it is YOU who enriches the teamwork. According to the motto “Together Everyone Achieves More” it is not only about the goals of the team, but also about your personal development.
  • that it is not only the task of leaders to form a team and to ensure communication at eye level, efficiency or a learning culture. Building and developing a team is, that’s right, teamwork!


Ready for TEAMING UP?

Let’s go! Register now – be part of our training, exchange with others and enrich your team with your new know-how – at work and at home.


When will the training take place?

On November 22th and 23th, from 3pm to 6pm, language: English.

The training takes place with a minimum of 6 participants.

You would like to do the training in German? No problem 👉 Register here.


This training would be perfect not only for you, but for your entire team? Here you can find more details about it.


Technical details

You will receive a zoom link from us and in exciting breakout sessions with practical exercises in Miro you will get to know the other participants and their challenges.

Be part of it! (and pay the startup price)

Register now and invest in your Team Skills!